RebusDrop Functions

RebusDrop is very easy to use, and usually runs in the background without needing any input from the user. You will have a RebusDrop icon in your system tray as long as it is running. If you right-click that icon, there are several functions for controling jobs, change the preferences or entering the ControlCenter.


Open ControlCenter

Opens your ControlCenter in your web browser. Please see the help page for the ControlCenter to get more informations about it.


Render Jobs

Your render jobs are listed here. If you hover over a job, there are more options for this job like downloading the renderings or changing download destination folder. If you don't have any renderpoints left then you will be notoficated here as well.


Stop synching

This will stop all automatic up- and downloads.


Import Maxwell/Indigo...

If you have a standalone Maxwell or Indigo Renderjob, you can import it here. Just follow the steps in the wizard that pops up by clicking this option.



This is where you can modify the settings of RebusDrop. You can set up the path to your 3d software, what notifications you want to get, bandwidth limits for up- and downloads and your proxy server, if you are using one. You will also find the version number of RebusDrop here in the "Info" tab.



Logs you out from RebusDrop. You can log back in with the same or another user.



RebusDrop permanently runs in the background. You can see the RebusDrop icon in your system tray. If you want to close RebusDrop completely, simply click this option.

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