Help ID 14005 - Use Local Solution selected

Rebus will use your GI Solution and not pre-render any GI for you!

To use that mode, you need to create a propper GI Solution on your side first.

That process is very complicated and time consuming.

We recommend Rebus to render the GI for you instead. To do so just choose Camera animation or Full animation.

Main settings

-set "Render Engine" to "Progressive" and 3 seconds in time limit

 (we do just to render the HD cache and skip image render)

-enable "Save sec. GI"

-set path for GI Solution

Render your first frame only then!

After that, reset your rendersettings and do this:

-enable "Load sec. GI" instead of "Save sec. GI"

-set path to your created GI Solution files

Once you have sucessfully cached and linked the GI files, you can send the job to Rebus.

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